Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen...We Have a Race...

Domenic Sarno, City Councilor has announced his candidacy for mayor. Well, to be accurate, he has announced his announcement for candidacy for mayor. According the Republican, Sarno has confirmed that his "very exciting" announcement at St. Anthony's on Long Island Pond Road will in fact be declaring his candidacy.

Going too deep into this risks rehashing many of the things said in the last blog entry when we all first heard about Sarno's announcement. As previously stated, this campaign will likely be more of a snooze than 2005. However, Sarno is a much stronger candidate than Ashe. Nonetheless, Springfield politics is no stranger to May, June, July, August, September, and October surprises. That could change. In any event, while Ryan is WMassP&I's favorite to win (not their endorsement, much to chagrin of whoever commented on our Ryan announcement post), the campaign itself may be more spirited.

The tone and substance of the campaign will ultimately rest on what position Sarno takes on the Control Board. During its first year, Sarno was City Council President and thus a member of the board. Tenure on the board seems to change the views of some. Even hardliner Kateri Walsh seems to have softened her rhetoric about the board, at least in public, since joining it. A big difference between now and 2005 is the settlement of contracts. Consequently, other than the trash fee, there board has little controversy attached to it. Still, however Sarno will come down on the board will determine how much kicking and screaming the candidates engage in.

With Sarno running for mayor, however, that means there is an open seat on the City Council. No other councilors have announced their retirement (or run for mayor). At the moment, it seems unlikely that any of the current Councilors will decline re-election, but as it goes with politics, you never know what's gonna happen next. Well, sometimes...

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