Sunday, November 11, 2007

(Re)Building Bridges...

It should surprise nobody that last Tuesdays results in Springfield disappointed WMassP&I mightily. However, the people, however, few of them did speak. It would pathetically easy to go on a tirade about what's wrong with them, but not today. Let's save that for 2009.

To that end, it is important that the self-described vitriolic comments made on the endorsement page be taken with a grain of salt. The positives remains true and WMassP&I will stand by them. That is unless we all find out one or more of them is an axe murderer.

The negatives are a stickier situation. It is important that we move on from them. Much of the negativity came from frustration. The opinions rendered in some of that negativity perhaps do tender a challenge toward those to which it was directed. Prove us wrong.

The election night round-up and opinion stand as they are.

The important thing is that we move and try to work together to improve the city. Change needs to happen in our government and it will in 2009, but until then we must work on sustainable policies that benefit everybody, not an interest group, not a politician, and so on.

Luckily for WMassP&I, whatever mudslinging we engaged in won't really hurt us. That's compared to Boston At-Large City Councilor-Elect John Connolly who made a campaign against current At-Large City Councilor Stephen Murphy. Let's just say it got pretty nasty. Low and behold, Connolly won and Murphy got reelected; so lucky them, now they get to work together. O Irony!

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