Monday, November 03, 2008

OH NO! 0-8: Senate

Sorry, I'm late.

Okay some quick bullet points.

Massachusetts: John Kerry has effectively served Massachusetts over the last 24 years. He is not perfect. A Massachusetts based blog can say that and still support his reelection. Although his campaign for the presidency four years ago distracted him from his duties in DC, his dedication and his efficacy is above reproach. Perhaps his biggest flaw is he does tend to look to national interests rather than less provincial Massachusetts issues alone.

Rhode Island: Sen. Jack Reed has long been a supporter of progressive causes and is good on the economy, environment, health care, and more. Moreover, as a veteran himself, his stance on military issues gives him incredible credibility. Moreover his almost eighteen years on Capitol Hill, two-thirds of which in the Senate, he has served Rhode Island and the New England Region well. Reelect Reed!

New Hampshire: Former Gov. Jeanne Shaheen offers a new era in representation for the Granite State. John Sununu, whose career stretches back to Bush 41, has voted consistently with the present Bush administration and by embodying some of the worst of New Hampshire's conservatism has failed New Hampshire and the nation. Gov. Shaheen served well in Concord and guided the state in some of its most difficult times. Send her to Washington and let's improve those male to female Senate ratios!

Maine: Although this is a year for Democrats and a year when we need a firm Democrat Senate, WMassP&I support Susan Collins. As a moderate Republican, however often in step with the president, Sen. Collins is the last of a dying breed. The implosion of the Republican party is based on its inability to accept moderates and govern from the center. She is good on a number of issues from choice to transportation and with her counterpart Olympia Snowe serves Maine and the country well.

Outside New England, runaway and unopposed races will not be mentioned.

Alaska: Ted Stevens is going to jail. It is not the most intelligent argument, but vote for the guy who isn't due to be wearing prison stripes, Mark Begich.

Colorado: Cong. Mark Udall has opposed the Iraq war from the beginning and epitomizes the mountain state Democrat that has become crucial to today's party. His balance of difficult issues from environment to gun control offer a chance for reform on both issues without offending either side.

Georgia: Voting for Jim Martin is about voting against Saxby Chambliss as much as anything else. Sen. Chambliss ran a despicable campaign against his predecessor, Max Cleland. A triple amputee from military service, his patriotism was questioned in the campaign, which was during the Iraq War votes. Georgia may not be Democrat country these days, but they can certainly do better than that.

Kentucky: Bruce Lunsford is within striking distance of taking the minority leader's seat just as John Thune did to Tom Daschle in 2004. That's is not a reason to vote for him, McConnell's Republicans, since losing the majority have tried to stymie almost every serious attempt at reform, holding up the minimum wage and Iraq reforms. Kentucky, let's let him experience Americans' real problems and join the unfortunate in the unemployment line.

Louisiana: Mary Landrieu comes from a political dynasty. Like her city and the state she represents, her life was turned upside down by Katrina. Following the abysmal failure of federal relief in the summer of 2005, she stood up to the president and made new friends in the fight on issues from disaster preparedness to urban problems. Louisiana needs her, New Orleans needs her.

Minnesota: It is hard to believe that a comedian may be sent to the Senate. But it is even harder to believe why Minnesota would not send him. SNL alum Al Franken is not just a comedian. He is a brilliant progressive mind with a passion for the issues Americans care about. His opponent Sen. Norm Coleman won after the Democrat botched the election after the death of Sen. Paul Wellstone, and has done nothing to live up to that legacy.

New Mexico: Tom Udall, cousin to Mark Udall, is also a progressive voice from America's southwest. Running to replace Republican Pete Dominici, Udall will bring New Mexico new representation and a fresh perspective to the Senate.

North Carolina: Although a Republican, Elizabeth Dole has had an esteemed career. Unfortunately, she has far too often voted with the Bush administration. Her latest ad campaign suggesting her opponent Kay Hagan was an atheist was disgusting. Hagan's positions on the issues are in step with NC's and her voice will serve the country well.

Oregon: Sen. Gordon Smith has always been an anomaly in left-leaning Oregon. His lack of support for the minimum wage and the environment put him way out there in Oregon. The state needs somebody who will fight for the issues that affect real people and will ensure we have a natural legacy to pass on. His opponent, Jeff Merkley can give Oregon the representation it needs on these issues.

Virginia: Marc Warner. Great Governor, will be great Senator.

That's it. Look for WMassP&I's presidential endorsement later today.

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