Wednesday, October 07, 2009

WMassP&I Forward...

To our readers:
Western Mass Politics and Insight recently celebrated its third year of service to deciphering and explaining the political scene in Springfield and across the globe. In that time, we have tried to give you the best possible insight into how the backroom machination of the political operations and voters work from 36 Court Street right up to the White House.
However, over these years, our ability to post on a regular enough basis to remain fully relevant has been iffy at best. As we have seen over the years in the Valley blogosphere, time, commitments, and personal lives more generally often take away from bloggers' computers. Almost all of the Valley's bloggers have encountered this problem, with the exception of those who have the time or are otherwise well-compensated to continue this labor of love and of civic duty.
To that end, WMassP&I is asking for your support. No, not money. Rather we ask that our loyal readers, few as they are, become more active. If you notice slacking, please send a strongly worded email to WMassP&I and demand that we, no, I get off my butt and post something.
Some of you may know, but for much of the time WMassP&I has existed, I have been in school. That is no longer the case, and therefore more frequent posts should be possible. That has not always happened. Even though I hope to be back in school part-time by spring and full-time by fall, unless I am forced to discontinue WMassP&I insight fully, I want it to remain a relevant force in Valley Blogosphere, if not the community as a whole. Until then, I have no excuse so again, I ask for your help in motivating me.
Again I would like to thank those that read and enjoy this blog.
-Matt S.

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