Tuesday, January 10, 2012

BREAKING: Outer Belt Rebels, Others May Follow...

Western Mass Politics & Insight has obtained a letter from the Outer Belt Civic Association condemning Council President Jimmy Ferrera's appointments to the Springfield City Council committees.

The letter calls Ferrera's appointments, which left Ward 7 Councilor Tim Allen (who represents the Outer Belt) with one committee assignment and Ward 2 Councilor Mike Fenton with essentially zero, "devastating."  It demands that the situation be rectified or that Councilor Ferrera step down as president.  The letter was also sent to Councilors Fenton & Allen, Mayor Domenic Sarno and the Republican.

Mary Dionne, Vice-President of the OBCA, said her organization has always had a good relationship with all councilors, but they found Ferrera's actions to be a direct afront to them and their ward councilor.  She also said other civic groups were also angered and may yet act, but that only hers has come forward with a letter so far.

We'll have more as this story develops!  Full story here!


nicky said...

you are sure enjoying causing a stir!
Be careful because you may end up looking a tad vindictive yourself.
You do not have the whole story.

Matt S. said...

Thanks for looking out for me, Nicky, but I'm pretty sure I'm on terra firma on this one. That said, I'm also not an elected official who took out his frustrations on his political opponents. If you've got something that should disqualify Fenton and Allen from a better (or any) committee assignments, please do share. However, it is worth noting that it was Jimmy that broke the precedent. I'm just following the story where it goes now.

Thanks for reading!

Gary said...

I don't exactly agree with how the assignments were laid out, Mr. Allen should have been placed in more committees. But it is up to whoever the President to make those decisions. Also the outer belt civic association is made up of three complainers. Mary Dion does not care about any one but herself and lies on a regular basis to get her way.

Matt S. said...


Please explain how Mary Dion [sic] is a liar if you are going to throw around something like that and FYI, the letter has six signers, not just the top three people.

As for Ferrera's appointments, yes he can do it, but the problem is that is unprecedented. Whatever their differences council presidents have always appointed each councilor to at least one standing committee and since he did not it is suspect and appears petty. Ferrera went out of his way to stick it to these two councilors and frankly the people have their right to complain, whether you agree with them or not.