Thursday, December 25, 2008

'Twas the Night Before the Future...

This year's Christmas message will be fairly short.

The City and the Nation face a daunting future. With our economy in convulsions and our city's path forward undetermined, it will take great deal more than what has been passing as the solution the past couple of decades to survive and thrive once more.

Perhaps in the midst of this uncertainty, it will be more possible to turn to higher ideals for comfort. For some this may come in the form of spirituality with greater church attendance and greater concern for one's fellow man.

In any event, although the consumerist tendencies are, at this point, crucial to maintain the economy, placing less temporal things on a Christmas list may do more in the long run. Over these twelve days of Christmas consider how you may do this.
Educate yourself to be a better citizen, neighbor, and voter. Donate your time or money to worthy charity this season, but also at other times of the year when need is just as great. Find ways you can help your community and neighborhood to make it a better place. Above all participate in whatever you can that builds your mind, your friends, your family, your city, your world.

Merry Christmas from Western Mass Politics & Insight

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