Wednesday, January 07, 2009

2009 and Such...

From the Staff of WMassP&I:

I apologize for the most recent hiatus. Illness kept me away from blogging and made my time particularly agonizing. Alas one casualty of this was not just two week of no updates (this blog has gone longer than that), but the annual "The Year in Springfield" feature. By the time I recovered adequately, I felt that it would be rushed and not of the same quality of the past. Rather than throw it in a week after the year ended, it will have to be tabled for the 2008. A great deal of this blog's efforts in 2008 had a national focus, limiting its own retrospection.

Anyway, 2009 will prove to be a fascinating year for Springfield. The City will not only regain its autonomy, but an election unlike any in decades will shake up power at 36 Court. Over the next few months candidates for Ward and City Wide council seats will surface along with a probable mayoral challenger.

To that end, WMassP&I will try to be up on these changes along with transformations on Beacon Hill and the New US Congress and Obama Administration.

Thank you for readership and I appreciate your patience through the lulls. Stay tuned for quite an exciting year!

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