Monday, August 01, 2011

Manic Monday Markup 8/1/11...

...And the World:

Although the impact in the dollar's value remains an open question, the stalemate over the debt and the brinksmanship forced upon us by the Republican party has cost us in the view of much of the world.  Although our debt and deficit like that of any global power needs to be brought under control, the hysterics of the tea party and paranoid delusions about an American Greece have brought American inertia to a new low.  In short the world cannot trust the US, and Congress in particular, to work in global financial interests.  While that may seem counter intuitive since those that benefit most from a humming system are the uber-wealthy, everybody suffers under rusty machine and as the President said, we may have a AAA credit rating, but hardly a AAA political system.

The Feds:

Congress passed the debt ceiling.  We can ignore Washington otherwise for another week.  If you want solid opinion, versus analysis on this sorry situation, read yesterday's post.

One more Washington thing.  Gabrielle Giffords returned to the House floor this evening to cast her vote.

The State of Things:

The Legislature has sent a bill to Governor Deval Patrick that will revamp how the commonwealth's troubled Probation Department makes future employment decision.  Last year the lid was blown off a patronage scandal at the department that began several state and federal investigations.  The legislation is not Patrick's preferred solution, consolidating the functions with parole under the executive, but he is expected to sign.

Governor Patrick has signed a bill to institute a sale tax holiday the weekend of August 13-14.

City Slickers:

If you missed our earlier post on municipal elections only one Ward race is officially contested in Springfield.  John Lysak and Orlando Ramos will go at it again come November, but the other 7 ward incumbents have no official challengers.  Thirteen have qualified for the five at-large seats including all current councilors (except Jose Tosado who is running for mayor) and Ward 6 Councilor Amaad Rivera.  Incumbent Mayor Domenic Sarno, School Committeewoman Antonette Pepe and Tosado will square off in a September primary as will the thirteen at-large aspirants.

In an opinion piece published today Senator John Kerry and Representative Richard Neal announced a tax relief bill for victims of natural disasters.  It may pass it may not.  If the tea partiers learn that such a bill would be Keynesian then we might be in trouble.

Twitter Chatter:

It's another visual chatter.

Rep. Giffords tweets had been her staff tweeting updates. However, tonight it seems she made an exception.
Amidst the division of the vote, emotion.
And never truer were spoken.

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