Monday, August 08, 2011

Manic Monday Markup 8/8/11...

...And the World:
Riots have overtaken London after flaring up following the death of a man in the Tottenham area.  The riots have tapped into many of the social ills that has plagued British society for years (class, race, socioeconomics) and have only been exacerbated by the bad economy and recent austerity measures.

The Feds:

Stock Market Tanks on S&P Downgrade, though the immediate effect of that is to actually make US debt more attractive.  With Congress deadlocked, the only option left may be the Federal Reserve engaging in another round of Quantitative Easing.  In short, the Fed buys debt from banks in the hope they put the freed up money into the economy.

The President addressed the economy today.  Kind of sitting and spinning though until Congress comes back and even then...

The State of Things:
Scott Brown has began his jobs tour, which according to the Boston Globe does not include members of the general public.  However, in response a question from one intrepid infiltrator, he said he against taxes because it could harm the economy.  Aside from the fact that NOBODY is talking about raising taxes in this environment, Paul Ryan has even come around to more revenue.  That puts Brown to the right of Ayn Rand-lover Paul Ryan.  (thought: did Brown really support the Ryan plan and opposed it out of political fear)  Brown could be splicing the revenue/tax terminology, but probably not.  He also said bluntly Social Security and Medicare benefits need to be cut.  But he's so athletic!  Meanwhile, among Brown's public job tour locales are a lunch with the Berkshire Chamber of Commerce.  Only $35 for members.  $10 more for the peons.

This may not be the best place for it, but Verizon landline workers have gone on strike.  Members of the Communication Workers of America and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers walked off the job after the company refused to negotiate on dozens of terms for the next contract.  Hot button demands include elimination of job security.  To support the workers check out some of these tips.

City Slickers:
Questions continue to swirl around School Superintendent Alan Ingram's contract and its gratuity relocation expense.  This week the School Committee said it would formally ask for the $30,000 Ingram used for financial matters other than buying a house.  Ingram lives in a rented home.  If Ingram refuses...Plan B School Committee?
Arise For Social Justice will hold a rally at Springfield City Hall to protest the minimal interest ward representation races.
Twitter Chatter:
This hashtag says it all. #PrayforLondon

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